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  • behindinfinity:

    "All the memories we have with these friends... We'll surely never forget them. And with them, we face forward and boldly step out — toward a future we truly believe in."

    Here’s a compilation of Free! shoots I’ve done with my friends. The end of Eternal Summer is hitting us hard </3

    cosplayers: Haruka / Makoto / Nagisa / Rei / Rin / young Rin
    photos by Huzafan / Reskiy / Kat

    More of our Free! photos: []

  • nicholaskole:

    I don’t generally reblog things. But Miyazaki is an exception, and this is so so so so beautiful. He gets it.

    (Source: ricktimus)

  • behindinfinity:

    ♡♡ ⋋( Φ⊖Φ )⋌ ♡♡
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!
    from the Iwatobi Swim Club

    Haruka ★ Makoto ★ Nagisa ★ Rei
    photos by Reskiy

  • jrdizon:

    Persona 4 Monopoly Update #6 - PHYSICAL BOARD

    Guys… Persona 4 The Monopoly is now a real board. :)

    As you can see, it’s a modified Monopoly board (from the 1995 Deluxe Edition). I printed out my custom art on adhesive paper and stuck them in the appropriate places. I think it looks nicer than I expected!

    Anyway, making the physical board was probably the largest hurdle for the project, so the rest should be easy!

    I need to make title deed and chance/community chest cards (the design on those are done) and paper money. I guess tokens are gonna be difficult, but I have a few ideas on that!

  • behindinfinity:

    Inspired by Iwatobi’s terribad team cheers in Free! Ep. 8, we wanted to do our own take on cheering photos!

    Haruka / Makoto / Nagisa / Rei / Gou / Rin / Nitori
    photos by Resh and Kat

    For more pictures, I post a lot of our Free! photos here on my Tumblr and a bit more on my Facebook page. My team also has a charity print sale going on with other pictures!

    We couldn’t help the references to 50% Off (Octopimp's Free! parody which is genius and everyone should watch it) and we're not sorry.