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    I swim for the team, we swim together
    I believe in my team, we are ever blue

    Our portraits from our latest Iwatobi Swim Club shoot!

    Haru / Makoto / Rei / Nagisa / photos by Kat and Resh

    These photos and more are part of our Typhoon Haiyan charity fundraiser: Prints for love and support, From The Team (More about it here)



  • For the Team: Ocean Park Shoot and Outtakes

    L-R: Gou (Charmie), Makoto (Miguel), Haru (Jin), Rin (Hannah), Nagisa (Cat)

    Manila Ocean Park had a…

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  • Cute picture of Cat as Nagisa. XD #free #nagisa

  • … #free #nagisa

  • At Ocean Park Manila earlier! 2

  • At Ocean Park Manila earlier!

  • We Monsters

    I had a vision of pure acceptance and openness earlier today during a Halloween party for disabled orphans, in which I joined a group of friends to help entertain the kids by going in costume. I’m going to let that sink in for a moment – these were…

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    (Picture from Jin)

  • Making Hanji’s goggles with rubber sheets

    I realized that making things becomes fairly straightforward once you know what you want to do.…

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  • How to easily alter shirts to fit

    I had to alter the shirt that I got for my Hanji cosplay because it was XL-sized for women. Note…

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  • Cosplaymania 2013 Day 1: Hanji Zoe (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    I was invited to join a Shingeki no Kyojin group cosplay and since Cat and I were already planning…

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